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"I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, and to enjoy them” Oscar Wilde


Editor’s Note

Can you Master your Emotions?

It is said that he who can master his emotions is highly evolved; we hear and speak of emotional intelligence and it seems to be something accomplished by a few but longed for by many. 
We are also encouraged to show ourselves as we are and express ourselves to avoid getting sick or suffering.
I guess we are once more before another question of balance. 
What are you better at? Mastering or sharing emotions? Are you balanced?

Mariana Pozzi Salgado

Are your True Colors Shining? Let them Show!
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Getting Naked -- Emotionally: Three Simple Steps to Master Your Emotions

If emotional nakedness got as much attention as physical nakedness, we'd be much happier.
Of course, it's not about baring your soul and putting your emotions behind a loudspeaker; it's about being in-tune with your emotions--being as familiar and aware of our emotional selves as we are with our physical selves.   more

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degrees of anger (in increasing intensity)
to be / get steamed up - feel annoyed
to be / get hot under the collar - feel irritated
to be on the warpath - prepare to vent one's anger
to be up in arms - protest strongly
to be hopping mad - feel very angry
to fly off the handle - suddenly lose one's temper
to throw a wobbler - become suddenly angry with someone and break down in tears
to do one's nut - totally lose one's temper
to hit the ceiling / roof - comprehensively lose one's temper
to blow one's top / a fuse / a gasket - totally lose one's temper
to rant and rave - to argue loudly and energetically

  • When I failed to attend the first seminar, my tutor got very steamed up about it.
  • Because I told him there's no more money to spend on entertaining clients this month, he got a bit hot under the collar this morning.
  • I've stained the white carpet in the living room, so my mother's on the warpath.
  • The unions are up in arms since management declared there would be only a 2 percent increase on basic wages this year.
  • He's hopping mad because his daughter has borrowed his car for the weekend without first asking his permission.
  • I'm sorry. I shouldn't have flown off the handle like that. Please forgive me.
  • When she learnt that Bill had been cheating on her, she threw a wobbler and wouldn't stop crying.
My mother did her nut / hit the roof / blew her top when I told her I was quitting university.

If you need to calm somebody down, you could say:

  • Take it easy.
    Or you might hear young people say:
  • Chill out!

to feel annoyed and disappointed
to be miffed
to be sick as a parrot

  • I was a bit miffed when I wasn't invited to Julie's wedding.
  • I was sick as a parrot at the way we lost the match in the last minute.

to annoy someone
to rub someone up the wrong way
to make someone's blood boil

  • He certainly knows how to rub you up the wrong way and he's only four years old.
It made my blood boil when I saw that he had taken all the credit for the work I'd done.

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