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Decision making is a very interesting cognitive process we all face. We make decisions all the time: big ones, wrong ones, smart ones, silly ones… We make thousands of them in a lifetime.
To make any decision we rely on information and tools, and we are also limited by our beliefs. It can also be a rational or irrational process. Are you aware of the type of decision making processes you have been undergoing lately? Want some tools? Here we are to help!

Mariana Pozzi Salgado

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Always have a back-up plan:
The real test of a leader is what happens in the moments following the realization they’ve made the wrong decision.
Great leaders understand all plans are made up of both constants and variables, and that sometimes the variables work against you. Smart leaders always have a contingency plan knowing circumstances can sometimes fall beyond the boundaries of reason or control – no “Plan B” equals a flawed plan.

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Good decision-making is critical. Understanding the type of decision you are facing and responding appropriately will help you to increase your effectiveness:


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