Newsletter 45, MAY 2019
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To Think!
Are you ready to edit your life?
Most of us have no problem admitting we have more than we need. The difficulty lies in the next steps: How to get rid of it?
Do you know Marie Kondo? We bet you do!

Here are some of her most useful tips:

1. Do your cleanup "all at once" (over 6 months or less).
2. Tidy by category, not location. Do all the clothes, then all the books, then all the papers.
3. Visualize the lifestyle you'll have when you’re done and take some notes about it.
4. When you have reduced to the point that is right for you, "something will click," and you'll never revert to your old ways again.
5. Discarding unnecessary items and storing those you love properly will reduce your anxiety and help you focus on the things you really care about.
To Read!
A Different Kind of More: The Beauty of Living with Less Stuff.

Find satisfaction in the things you already have and revel in the functionality they provide in your life. Never forget the things that make for a truly valuable life.


To Laugh!
Did you know that…?

The average person spends 6 months

of their lifetime waiting on a red light to turn green.
To produce a single pound of honey,

a single bee would have to visit 2 million flowers.

A person can live without food for about

a month and only a week without water.

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