What is Gamification?

It is a learning technique that takes game mechanics to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results, whether to incorporate knowledge, improve some skills, or reward specific actions.

Gamification can revolutionize learning processes and be very useful for team building activities, strategy development or management. It provides us with endless fields of work. It has three basic pillars:

  • Engagement:

    The term engagement refers to the commitment or engagement that takes place in the field of labor relations and the organizational culture.

  • Experimentation:

    Endless possibilities when creating and experimenting with gamified models.

  • Results:

    These can be classified based on the time period (short, medium or long term) or the priority of their visibility.

At English Services we use Gamification as one of the tools that make up our language training model.


How it affects people: motivation

By taking engagement, experimentation and results into consideration, our aim is to get people interested in the task to be performed through their commitment. Through this intrinsic motivation, we can develop aspects such as cooperation, participation, loyalty or creativity.

  • Pleasure and satisfaction:

    Through the natural need of games, we try, explore and accept errors normally because it allows us to improve, which makes us feel greatly satisfied, and we enjoy the process.

  • It stimulates curiosity:

    Games stimulate creativity and help in the decision-making process.

  • It stimulates the intention to excel, to challenge and our self-confidence:

    It makes people persevere to achieve results and/or goals.

Gamificación Gamification is a process and “WE LEARN GAMIFICATION BY GAMIFYING”


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ES CONNECT can be integrated with any client LMS.

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